Tuesday, 3 December 2013

December Already ....

Well this year has gone really quick. I am extremely busy with commissions in the run up to Yule. However, here are some pieces i have created recently, both commissions and whims :)

Avalon Swan Athame from MoonsCrafts
Avalon Swan Athame created from Apple and inset with Rose Quartz. 

Yule Ritual Cord from Moonscrafts
Yule Ritual Cord with oak mini wand, customers own symbol of the wolf and stag on bone charm. The cord is strung through with emerald, ruby, vintage wood, tree agate beads, etc
oak Athame for Yule from Moonscrafts
Yule themed athame. On one side is the wren, bird of the Holly King, on the other is the robin, bird of the oak King. inset with breccicated jasper and holly and oak leaf sculpt.

Elen of the Ways Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Elen of the ways Ritual Necklace, a new range from MoonsCrafts. This is one piece and the pendant simply loops through to create a choker style necklace.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

A very busy Autumn!

It has been a while since I posted because it has been so busy here at MoonsCrafts. A very long line of commissions has seen me working flat out to get them finished and still they keep coming. The Goddess necklaces have been particularly popular along with my staffs and a new line of Energy cords which are different from the Ritual Cords in that they are designed to evoke a feeling or invoke an energy rather than a magical piece for specific types of spellworking which the the ritual cords are. Here are some of what I consider to be my better pieces. I am definitely moving towards more goddess centred pieces as i feel this is where my own personal path and understanding lies. All these have been crafted in the past 3 months and are all rehomed :)

The Green Witch Staff crafted from Willow by MoonsCrafts
The Green Witch Staff crafted from Willow by MoonsCrafts

The Green Witch Athame crafted from Ash from MoonsCrafts
The Green Witch Athame crafted from Ash from MoonsCrafts

Goddess Brigid Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Goddess Brigid Necklace crafted from Rowan by MoonsCrafts

Cerridwens Flame Ritual Bracelets from MoonsCrafts
Cerridwens Flame Ritual Bracelets from MoonsCrafts

Gaia Goddess Necklace by MoonsCrafts
Gaia Goddess Necklace by Moonscrafts on Ash Wood

Monday, 12 August 2013

Staffs and Lots of them!

Alder Wild Hunt Staff  and Holly White Witch Staff from MoonsCrafts
Alder Wild Hunt Staff and Holly White Witch Staff (rehomed).
Willow Water Staff from MoonsCrafts
Willow Water Staff with Blue Catseye sphere set in silver spirals. Rehomed.
It's been really busy for me lately, with events and commissions and keeping the online shops ticking over. I have made some rather nice staffs lately, most of which have new homes. Here are some pics of them )0(

Elder Mother Staff from MoonsCrafts
Elder Mother Staff at 6 foot tall. This one had labradorite and white catseye crystal spheres and a removal cord and crow fetish. Rehomed at Lammas camp.

Unfortunately I can't make staffs for overseas customers as the shipping is extortionate.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Goddess is everywhere ...

I've gone a bit obsessed lately drawing the goddess on my work. Here are some of what I have made :)

Spiral Goddess necklace from MoonsCrafts )0(
Lovely necklace crafted from willow with morganite, rose quartz, czech crystal and copper.

Water Goddess necklace from MoonsCrafts )0(
Beautiful calming necklace crafted from Willow with aquamarine, black moonstone and czech crystal and available in my Etsy shop.
Lunar Goddess necklace from MoonsCrafts )0(
Commission necklace with amethyst, opalite, silver spacers and czech crystal.

Heart of the Goddess Ritual Cord from MoonsCrafts )0(
Beautiful cord crafted from willow and available in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wand delight....

I've created a couple of really nice wands lately (even if I say so myself) so here they are. Wands are my absolute favourite item to craft. The energies in them emerge as I'm crafting so when they are completed they are ready to start working with their new owner. On the subject of bonding a tool to yourself I find that blooding the item is the most effective way of bonding it to you, although I do feel that if a wand knows its yours it will deliver regardless. Here are a couple of my latest creations.

Holly Wand for the Goddess Skadi from Moonscrafts
This wand created from Holly, clear quartz, epoxy, rhinestones, ribbon and charms was a commission for a lovely customer of mine. This one is long at 23 inches, more of a blasting rod.

Sweet Chestnut Wand from Moonscrafts
This wand is 19 inches long and is made from Sweet Chestnut and set with Snowflake Obsidian and Carnelian. A dark magic wand this can be used to wealth and abundance spellworking as well as ancestral and otherworldly working and favours. This one is avaialbe from my Facebook page.

Blackthorn Wand from MoonsCrafts
This wand is amazing. It is set with a triple AAA grade bloodstone point and carnelian and garnet in epoxy sculpt, with black rhinestones and a black velvet handle. The wand is pyrographed with the Alu bind rune and  has been described by people who have heldf it as a loaded gun as it has huge amounts of energy. This wand has a new owner.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Talismans and Charms

Symbols in magical practice are extremely important, and all work as energies in their own right that persuade a particular set of energies or circumstances to take place. Some of the most potent of these are from the Northern countries of Europe. I have begun to make talismans and charms in order to keep the energy of these symbols alive. Teamed with crystals and bindrunes these pocket charms, all measuring around 20 inches long, are crafted to do the job they were intially created for. They arn't for show, but are for serious magical working. here are some of the talismans/charms I have produced up to now )0(

Draumstafir Talisman - icelandic magical stave from Moonscrafts )0
The Draumstafir means to dream of what your heart desires. if you are a witch practicing manifestation of your dreams into the physical realm then this is for you. There is a full write up for this one on my Facebook page. 

Vegvisir Talisman - Icelandic magical Stave from MoonsCrafts )0(
The Vegvisir which is a charm to protect you in rough weather. often seen as a tattoo and and excellent travel charm. highly protective.

Helm of Awe magical Talisman from MoonsCrafts )0(
Theis talismans shows the Helm of Awe on one side and Odins Illusionary Rune on the other. Crafted from Oak, there is a full write up for this on my Facebook page.

Against All magic icelandic magical stave from Moonscrafts )0(
Against all magic Talisman. Excellent for protection from external forces of magic aimed at you. Crafted on blackthorn and supported by a range of relevant gemstones.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Into the Dark Blackthorn Wand

Into the Dark Blackthorn Wand from Moonscrafts )0(

Completed this wand today and it was rehomed instantly. However, here is the writeup as I think this one is my best to date.

Into the Dark Blackthorn Ceremonial Wand. This is a special wand designed to maximise the energy of the blackthorn. Blackthorn is associated with the goddess Morrigan. It is an extremely defensive tree so excellent in protective and defensive magic. Blackthorn is curious amongst the world of trees due to its stubborn and chaotic nature. An older piece of blackthorn will be melancholy, secretive, stubborn and difficult to direct when focusing your intent. A younger piece of blackthorn is off the scale with chaotic energy. Therefore really this is a tree that should only be used by experienced practitioners who are able to control the energy, because when it is controlled there is no other wood as powerful to use magically. Thus piece of blackthorn is from a hawthorn and blackthorn grove - the realm of the hedgewitch. The tip of this wand is set with a high grade large bloodstone point. Along the wand surrounded by sculpted spirals and leaves inset whith black rhinestones are carnelian and garnet. Bloodstone is a most powerful stone with a high iron content,and brilliant as a battle stone for healing wounds. Highly protective, it acts as a shield in the darkest of places returning the astral traveller unscathed to the earth plane. Carnelian, used thoughout millenia as a compaion of the dead in their graves, is a warrior stone for courage. Garnet is for fearlessness and is a talisman against death and injury. Working down the wand which is bound with black velvet to bring into the play the iron fist in velvet glove scenario, finally the last piece of the jigsaw is the Alu bindrune. The Alue bind rune means an inspired or ecstatic force and combines the runes Ansuz, laguz and Uruz. The formula ALU is used to raise an inspired force and to use that force for protection or other purposes - it is a charm of great power and force, perfect when teamed with the blackthorn, bloodstone, garnet and carnelian. This wand is very heavy, chunky and potent. It is not a showpiece despite its appearance, it is a full working piece and when used correctly and bonded to you, it can be unparalleled in projecting your force.

Monday, 3 June 2013

More ritual cords ...

Had a really busy couple of months during which time I created some lovelies. I'll put a few of them below so you can see what I've been doing. Some were commissions, some where straight from my imagination )0(

Brighids Ritual Cord from MoonsCrafts :)
Brighids Cord was from my imagination. A lovely cord which is now rehomed :)
Our Lady of Avalon Ritual Cord from MoonsCrafts
Our Lady of Avalon was a commission. The symbol is the chalice well. 

The Wolf Ritual Cord with Athame from MoonsCrafts
Another commission but this one had a little wolf athame crafted from yew.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Celtic Fox Necklace crafted from Alder

This gorgeous necklace has a Celtic Fox pyrographed on it surrounded by spirals.The bead itself is 1.6 inches long. 

Alder is a gateway tree, magical and excellent in defensive magic. One of its associated animals is the fox, cunning, clever, a shapeshifter, the trickster, and most active during the in-between times of twilight and dawn. 

The wooden bead is accompanied on either side with ruby (for passion , protection and fearlessness), copper (for conduction of energy) and goldstone (gently uplifting, promotes vitality) beads interspersed with brass spiral spacers for projection and strung on a black waxed cotton cord. 

This is a wonderful necklace to tap into the energy of the fox, excellent to wear for shamanic purposes but also in ritual and for every day. Available on Etsy )0(

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Craft Ritual Cord with Rowan Athame

The Craft Ritual Cord with Rowan Athame

This is a very special nine strand cord in shades of red, black and white with a hint of silver. Red, white and black are traditional witchcraft colours. White for birth and rebirth, black for death and red for the blood of life. 

This cord is strung through with a silver spiral of life, life, pentacles and a triskele. The rest of the cord is strung through completely with steel seed beads for impenetrability, snowflake obsidian which promotes inner centering, bringing peace and balance to the mind and body, black obsidian for protection and support, black tourmaline for the deflection of negativity, onyx for protection, rubies for protection, passion, wisdom and fearlessness, clear crystal for clarity, celtic spacer beads and bone.

At one end of the cord is a Rowan Cross handmade by me. The Rowan cross is a traditional symbol of protection going back hundreds of years as they are said to ward off evil spirits. 

At the other end of the cord is a rowan mini athame pyrographed simply with the pentacle, the witches most potent protection symbol. 

The Rowan tree has been considered magickal for thousands of years by many different cultures. The word "Rowan" is derived from the Old Norse name for the tree, raun or rogn, and might be related to the word "rune" which means "magic, secret." 

 This is a highly protective and magical cord and is for use as a working tool. Ritual cords can be used in ritual, as a meditation tool, for knot magic, or simply as a companion piece to travel with you. Now Rehomed :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Deer Goddess Pendulum

Deer Goddess Pendulum on Yew from MoonsCrafts

This pendulum is crafted from yew. On the pendulum is a representation of a celtic deer crowned withn a triple moon to represent goddess status. there are several goddesses associated with deer from the Cailleach (Biera), Elen, Diana, Saraswati, Artemis, the Deer Mother and the Irish goddess Flidais, to  name but a few. Deer represent instinctual energy, independence and regeneration. This pendulum is available in my Etsy Store

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pagan Camp season is on it's way.....

Well with my first event only five days away, which is the Dark Fae Festival and Craft Fayre in Wigan this coming Sunday, I am flat out trying to make lots of new pieces to sell. The last couple of days have been marathon days for me and this is what i managed to complete.

Wands, pendulums and necklaces from Moonscrafts

Today isn't as heavy going as I only have four pieces on the table ;) My artwork is definitely improving and I'm thinking about adding new items into the mix. There has been a change in the weather the last couple of days, it has started to warm up but about time, the hawthorn tree outside my kitchen window still isn't in leaf and is hiding, although the birds have been tweeting in it for food and playing happily among its lethal thorns. Beltane at Thornborough is next month which is a big event and I am doing the stall with Nyree from Summerlands Crafts. I anticipate that we will be busy as we already have preorders in for that event. Onwards to the warmth of summer. Don't forget, everything gets posted via the Facebook page first and I post on there daily )0(

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Ancient Waters Ritual Cord

The Ancient Waters Ritual cord with Driftwood Ivy from Moonscrafts.

Completed this cord yesterday amidst a glut of order madness. From the frenzy of creating for other people came a piece that wanted to be made. This treasure is about 36 inches long in total. The mini wand is driftwood Ivy from the North Lancashire Coast and the whole cord is strung through with aquamarine, sapphire, swarovski, mother of pearl, cowry shells, chrysocolla, turquoise, tibetan silver spirals and glass beads. it is heavy and beautiful and is only available via my Facebook page )0(

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lilith's Pendulum

Liliths Pendulum in willow from MoonsCrafts
Liliths Pendulm. This pendulum is crafted from willow. Lets talk about Lilith and move our way through the symbolism of this piece. It is believed that the goddess Lilith is a more recent representation of the Sumerian Goddess Belili the Sumerian White Goddess of the willow, wells and springs, goddess of trees, a moon goddess, love goddess, and underworld goddess. This treasure is now REHOMED )0(

The Fire Element Ritual Cord

Fire Element Ritual Cord from Moon'sCrafts

The Fire Element Ritual Cord. This cord is 42 inches long in total and is a nine strand cordmade from satin ribbon, silk cord, velvet and softest acrylic wool. This is a darker fire cord in deep reds, firey orange, burgundy, blacks and browns. The cord is strung through all the way along with a variety of gems and charms to support the intent of the user and to magnify the energy of the piece . These are black tourmaline to act as a deflective mirror against negativity, black obsidian to hold the memories of the cord and neutralise bad energy, carnelians for the firey energy needed for courage, crystals for clarity, copper for conducting energy, brass for projection of intent, tigers eye to strengthen confidence and protection, rubies to increase personal power and passion and to break down barriers, jet for protection against enchantment that holds you back, and finally a whole host of glass lamp-worked beads which are forged in fire. At one end of the cord is a large silver dragon, the breather of fire which is topped with glass and copper beads, tourmaline and a large lamp worked bead in deep gold. At the other end of the cord is the mini wand which is crafted from Rowan, a tree of the fire element. Rowan means 'flame'. This is the spark in the darkness, the surge towards life, creativity, the fearless warrior. This is Brigid's sacred tree, she of hearth and home who shows us the sun in the oldest part of winter when the earth hasn't seen or felt the sun for so long. On the wand is a pentagram surrounded by flames. Cut open a rowan berry and inside is a five pointed star. This piece is magical, beautiful, heavy and energetic. Use this cord for meditation, for creativity and inspiration spells, to reignite lost sparks and in ritual, or simply as an energy piece to accompany you in your daily life. This cord is NOW REHOMED )0(

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Raven's Flight Yew Athame

Finished this today. It just came alive while I was decorating it. It's simple and beautiful, a truly special piece showing off the beauty of yew.

The Raven's Flight Yew Athame from Moon's Crafts
The Raven's Flight Yew Athame NOW REHOMED :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Yew Athames

The Forbidden Tree Yew Athame wiccan, witch, wicca, pagan
We have been busy chopping and sanding yew athames which always takes a considerable amount of time. The first two are ready now and I'm pleased with them. Yew is a wood associated with the crone aspect of the goddess and the darker side of magic as it is the Guardian to the otherworlds.

The Power of Three yew Athame wicca, wiccan, witch, pagan
I love making athames, there is something powerful about them. They are designed to command the elements and call them into play when working magically. Both of these athames now have new homes :)

Monday, 4 March 2013

Ritual Cords from MoonsCrafts

This past week I have been making Ritual Cords...ritual cords are used for counting chants, meditating, spell casting and for use in ritual. My particular take on the ritual cord is that I have a fully working mini wand on the end of the cord which is tied into the cord's magical associations. Here are some of my latest creations.

These Celtic Seas Ritual Cord from MoonsCrafts in blues )0(

The Hares of Spring Ritual Cord from MoonsCrafts in green )0(

The Overflowing Heart Ritual Cord from MoonsCrafts in pinks.

The Lavender Healer Ritual Cord with sprite catcher from MoonsCrafts in purples

All the cords above are REHOMED )0(

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Wolf Moon Ritual Necklace

Wolf moon Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts

This necklace is handcrafted in yew which came from a local labyrinth. It depicts a celtic wolf howling at the moon. The whole image is wood burned and surrounded in celtic spirals. Accompanying the pendant are black and brown carved bone beadsm and tibetan silver spiral spacers. REHOMED )0(

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Requests and athames ...

Wands and athames drying on the windowsill in the sun

On this beautiful sunny day I have been working on bringing my backlog of orders up to date. In the line are two staffs, two athames, one wand and one ritual cord. It is my aim to finish all of these this week so i can start to do some carved pieces which take some time, so I'm ready for the pagan camp season. These three are setting on the windowsill in the sun. )0(

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Dreamers Willow Wand

The Dreamers Willow Wand from Moon's Crafts

The Dreamer's Wand in Willow. This wand is 13.5 inches long and is crafted from goat willow, the most healing of all the willow trees. This delicate wand is pyrographed with a gold moon and a delicate pattern of spirals and swirls running to the tip. A gold moon ? i hear you ask..well bear with me ;). The handle is bound in vibrant purple velvet and the whole wand is finidhed off with a lovely charm that is made up of lovely gold spiral spacer beads, sri lankan moonstone and dream agate beads, all ended with a fancy gold moon charm.
Willow is tied to the moon and the goddess. A wand made from Willow wood has many uses: sleep with it and have more vivid dreams, use it to draw down the moon, protection for underworld journeying. Willow allows the bearer to enter the deep waters of emotions and explore them fully while being protected. it has amazing ability to heal and calm. Through our dreams we enter an altered world, almost like the middle world in shamanic lore, where everything is real but bathed in different light, different perspectives, hence the gold moons. We leave behind everything we know and accept the differences. Use your dreams for divination. keep this wand with you next to the bed. Agate helps to strengthen the memory, drives away depressing thoughts and nightmares and placing an Agate under your pillow will grant you happy dreams. A beautiful, light feminine almost fae like wand. THIS WAND IS REHOMED )0(

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Oaken Heart Pendulum

Oaken Heart Oak Pendulum from Moonscrafts

I created this pendulum yesterday. Made from Oak it is pyrographed with the tree of life overlaid with a pentagram. The beads are Picture Picasso and labradorite. I haven't worked with oak for quite a while and forgot how beautiful it is. This is in my Etsy store )0(

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Gateway Pendulum

The Gateway Pendulum in alder. The alder tree is the gateway tree, the doorway to other worlds. Travel to the other side of the veil to speak to the ancestors using this wood as a portal or psychopomp. There are protocol for doing this, always protect yourself, keep your reasons for asking the ancestors clear and concise along with your questioning. Don't expect to like what answers you are given but remember they are sent from the universe and via ancient wisdom and should be respected. Alder is the darkest tree, but lesser known for its funereal uses and darker mythologies. Alder links life and death together via a single breath. This pendulum is pyrographed with a doorway. it has a handmade copper spiral which delves deep into the wood and connects it to the cord. The beads are black glass lampwork, hematite and bone, and the pendulum is finished with a black silk cord and a large bronze doorway charm. REHOMED today )0(

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Opening at Imbolc )0(

Its the eve of Imbolc and the rebirth is taking place. On this strange cold and windy day I have been wrapped up outside chipping at, and sanding wands and athames. I managed to get the grade 2 sanding done on the majority of them so the hard work is done, now I get the fun of fine sanding. But oh it was so cold even with my many layers on. Here are the blanks I am working my way through. Next week these will be transformed and wearing their new magical clothing ;)

Blank wands and athames ready for decoration

Chris has started chopping again which I am so pleased about because he stopped for so long. The athame blanks on the right are his. There are two hawthorn, one yew and two alder, my favourite wood. I have requests in for willow wands at the moment so all the pale wands in the middle are willow. Tonight I will string newly pyrographed pendulums and then rest as tomorrow I am going to open the Etsy shop and probably spend the next few days watching it, waiting :)))) The air is so heavy at the moment with expectations, I wonder if the new shop will work, will the rest of the world like my work, how do I get the word out about my craft? So everyone, Merry Imbolc to you all and in this time of rebirth and renewal lets look forward to a wonderful summer and thank the goddess for the gifts she gives us in whatever form they take )0(

Friday, 18 January 2013

Hecate's Key Pendulum

Hecates pendulum in yew from Moonscrafts
This is Hecate's Key Pendulum in yew. Yew is one of Hecate's five sacred trees and perhaps the most apt. Hecate is the crone aspect of the triple goddess although she encompasses all three phases. Hecate stands at the Triple crossroads and guards the gateway to the otherworld. Greek in origin her popularity for goddess worship is on the rise. The symbol on the pendulum is Hecate's symbol. Invoke Hecate for knowledge, wisdom, to speak to the ancestors and those on the other side of the veil, but respect her at all costs.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Morrigan's pendulum

This pendulum is created from Blackthorn which is one of Goddess Morrigan's sacred trees but perhaps the one that represents her the best. The tip is onyx, the triskele is pyrographed, this is the symbol that is the gateway to the other worlds   Then the beads in onyx, obsidian and carnelian are added to enhance the intent of the enquirer and  also magnify the energy of the piece. The pendulum is created in the colours of Morrigan, red and black and finally there is a raven charm at the end of the pendulum. Morrigan was said to gather at the edge of a battlefield and then would shape-shift into ravens which would go and retrieve the skulls and souls of the fallen warriors and transport them to the other world. Invoke her with respect.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Breath of Life Wand

Breath of Life wand in lilac wood decorated in purples, blues and silver.
Created this one this week. Finally my art work is beginning to flow. This is on Lilac Wood and is topped with a rough quartz point bound with white leather. The image is pyrographed and then painted. The spirals represent the breath flowing through the goddess with the spiral of life on her stomach and the cobweb of the weaver godddess for a face, and up to the tree of life. On the back of the wand is a little butterfly to represent air and transformation. Lilac wood is a lovely creamy dense wood that is quite heavy. It is sacred to Gemini, Mercury and is an Air Element. You can purchase this wand on Etsy