Monday, 4 March 2013

Ritual Cords from MoonsCrafts

This past week I have been making Ritual Cords...ritual cords are used for counting chants, meditating, spell casting and for use in ritual. My particular take on the ritual cord is that I have a fully working mini wand on the end of the cord which is tied into the cord's magical associations. Here are some of my latest creations.

These Celtic Seas Ritual Cord from MoonsCrafts in blues )0(

The Hares of Spring Ritual Cord from MoonsCrafts in green )0(

The Overflowing Heart Ritual Cord from MoonsCrafts in pinks.

The Lavender Healer Ritual Cord with sprite catcher from MoonsCrafts in purples

All the cords above are REHOMED )0(

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