Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Fire Element Ritual Cord

Fire Element Ritual Cord from Moon'sCrafts

The Fire Element Ritual Cord. This cord is 42 inches long in total and is a nine strand cordmade from satin ribbon, silk cord, velvet and softest acrylic wool. This is a darker fire cord in deep reds, firey orange, burgundy, blacks and browns. The cord is strung through all the way along with a variety of gems and charms to support the intent of the user and to magnify the energy of the piece . These are black tourmaline to act as a deflective mirror against negativity, black obsidian to hold the memories of the cord and neutralise bad energy, carnelians for the firey energy needed for courage, crystals for clarity, copper for conducting energy, brass for projection of intent, tigers eye to strengthen confidence and protection, rubies to increase personal power and passion and to break down barriers, jet for protection against enchantment that holds you back, and finally a whole host of glass lamp-worked beads which are forged in fire. At one end of the cord is a large silver dragon, the breather of fire which is topped with glass and copper beads, tourmaline and a large lamp worked bead in deep gold. At the other end of the cord is the mini wand which is crafted from Rowan, a tree of the fire element. Rowan means 'flame'. This is the spark in the darkness, the surge towards life, creativity, the fearless warrior. This is Brigid's sacred tree, she of hearth and home who shows us the sun in the oldest part of winter when the earth hasn't seen or felt the sun for so long. On the wand is a pentagram surrounded by flames. Cut open a rowan berry and inside is a five pointed star. This piece is magical, beautiful, heavy and energetic. Use this cord for meditation, for creativity and inspiration spells, to reignite lost sparks and in ritual, or simply as an energy piece to accompany you in your daily life. This cord is NOW REHOMED )0(

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