About MoonsCrafts

Located in the United Kingdom I am a witch that creates bespoke ritual tools for magical work.

Beginning initally as a hobby, I make wands, staffs, athames, pendulums, ritual cords and magical jewelry  All my materials are sourced ethically and all the wood is foraged for in local parks and woodland. To me every tree is sacred so you won't find me telling you that my pieces came from a sacred site. I simply understand the interconnectedness of all living things. Sometimes I might get a call or a knock on the door and will be the lucky recipient of seasonal garden cutbacks. This last Autumn I was lucky enough to be the recipient of lilac, apple and holly wood, all of which I was finding difficult to get hold of. I find now that the hobby has crept past hobby status and because of this I am opening up my workbook globally instead of just to friends and friends of friends :)

All the pieces I craft are thoroughly researched and created in such a way to magnify and untap the energy within the piece. I do not, however, magically charge any of my pieces. The power is in the owner, and it is their magic along with the tool as a focus and magnifier that creates the magic

My designs vary because I listen to what the wood tells me and try to ensure that colours, imagery and associated decoration are in keeping with the job the finished piece will be created to do. All my pieces are for specific types of spell working or magic so really you could look at Moonscrafts as prescriptive spell working. Certain types of wood are excellent for certain tasks and to maximise the success of the spell, the correct tools should be chosen.

The first piece I created some time ago was a beautiful natural willow athame shown below.

Moon and Tides Athame in Willow from MoonsCrafts.

Finally, the tools I make are not toys, they are not for children. they are for working witches, pagans, warlocks, etc and need to be respected as such.

Blessings to you all )0(

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  1. Your work is amazing and I am a very happy customer
    Blessings x