Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wand delight....

I've created a couple of really nice wands lately (even if I say so myself) so here they are. Wands are my absolute favourite item to craft. The energies in them emerge as I'm crafting so when they are completed they are ready to start working with their new owner. On the subject of bonding a tool to yourself I find that blooding the item is the most effective way of bonding it to you, although I do feel that if a wand knows its yours it will deliver regardless. Here are a couple of my latest creations.

Holly Wand for the Goddess Skadi from Moonscrafts
This wand created from Holly, clear quartz, epoxy, rhinestones, ribbon and charms was a commission for a lovely customer of mine. This one is long at 23 inches, more of a blasting rod.

Sweet Chestnut Wand from Moonscrafts
This wand is 19 inches long and is made from Sweet Chestnut and set with Snowflake Obsidian and Carnelian. A dark magic wand this can be used to wealth and abundance spellworking as well as ancestral and otherworldly working and favours. This one is avaialbe from my Facebook page.

Blackthorn Wand from MoonsCrafts
This wand is amazing. It is set with a triple AAA grade bloodstone point and carnelian and garnet in epoxy sculpt, with black rhinestones and a black velvet handle. The wand is pyrographed with the Alu bind rune and  has been described by people who have heldf it as a loaded gun as it has huge amounts of energy. This wand has a new owner.

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