Friday, 14 June 2013

Talismans and Charms

Symbols in magical practice are extremely important, and all work as energies in their own right that persuade a particular set of energies or circumstances to take place. Some of the most potent of these are from the Northern countries of Europe. I have begun to make talismans and charms in order to keep the energy of these symbols alive. Teamed with crystals and bindrunes these pocket charms, all measuring around 20 inches long, are crafted to do the job they were intially created for. They arn't for show, but are for serious magical working. here are some of the talismans/charms I have produced up to now )0(

Draumstafir Talisman - icelandic magical stave from Moonscrafts )0
The Draumstafir means to dream of what your heart desires. if you are a witch practicing manifestation of your dreams into the physical realm then this is for you. There is a full write up for this one on my Facebook page. 

Vegvisir Talisman - Icelandic magical Stave from MoonsCrafts )0(
The Vegvisir which is a charm to protect you in rough weather. often seen as a tattoo and and excellent travel charm. highly protective.

Helm of Awe magical Talisman from MoonsCrafts )0(
Theis talismans shows the Helm of Awe on one side and Odins Illusionary Rune on the other. Crafted from Oak, there is a full write up for this on my Facebook page.

Against All magic icelandic magical stave from Moonscrafts )0(
Against all magic Talisman. Excellent for protection from external forces of magic aimed at you. Crafted on blackthorn and supported by a range of relevant gemstones.

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  1. Beautiful pieces! Truly inspirational! Bright Blessings, Inanna xxx