Thursday, 31 January 2013

Opening at Imbolc )0(

Its the eve of Imbolc and the rebirth is taking place. On this strange cold and windy day I have been wrapped up outside chipping at, and sanding wands and athames. I managed to get the grade 2 sanding done on the majority of them so the hard work is done, now I get the fun of fine sanding. But oh it was so cold even with my many layers on. Here are the blanks I am working my way through. Next week these will be transformed and wearing their new magical clothing ;)

Blank wands and athames ready for decoration

Chris has started chopping again which I am so pleased about because he stopped for so long. The athame blanks on the right are his. There are two hawthorn, one yew and two alder, my favourite wood. I have requests in for willow wands at the moment so all the pale wands in the middle are willow. Tonight I will string newly pyrographed pendulums and then rest as tomorrow I am going to open the Etsy shop and probably spend the next few days watching it, waiting :)))) The air is so heavy at the moment with expectations, I wonder if the new shop will work, will the rest of the world like my work, how do I get the word out about my craft? So everyone, Merry Imbolc to you all and in this time of rebirth and renewal lets look forward to a wonderful summer and thank the goddess for the gifts she gives us in whatever form they take )0(

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