Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Craft Ritual Cord with Rowan Athame

The Craft Ritual Cord with Rowan Athame

This is a very special nine strand cord in shades of red, black and white with a hint of silver. Red, white and black are traditional witchcraft colours. White for birth and rebirth, black for death and red for the blood of life. 

This cord is strung through with a silver spiral of life, life, pentacles and a triskele. The rest of the cord is strung through completely with steel seed beads for impenetrability, snowflake obsidian which promotes inner centering, bringing peace and balance to the mind and body, black obsidian for protection and support, black tourmaline for the deflection of negativity, onyx for protection, rubies for protection, passion, wisdom and fearlessness, clear crystal for clarity, celtic spacer beads and bone.

At one end of the cord is a Rowan Cross handmade by me. The Rowan cross is a traditional symbol of protection going back hundreds of years as they are said to ward off evil spirits. 

At the other end of the cord is a rowan mini athame pyrographed simply with the pentacle, the witches most potent protection symbol. 

The Rowan tree has been considered magickal for thousands of years by many different cultures. The word "Rowan" is derived from the Old Norse name for the tree, raun or rogn, and might be related to the word "rune" which means "magic, secret." 

 This is a highly protective and magical cord and is for use as a working tool. Ritual cords can be used in ritual, as a meditation tool, for knot magic, or simply as a companion piece to travel with you. Now Rehomed :)

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