Tuesday, 3 December 2013

December Already ....

Well this year has gone really quick. I am extremely busy with commissions in the run up to Yule. However, here are some pieces i have created recently, both commissions and whims :)

Avalon Swan Athame from MoonsCrafts
Avalon Swan Athame created from Apple and inset with Rose Quartz. 

Yule Ritual Cord from Moonscrafts
Yule Ritual Cord with oak mini wand, customers own symbol of the wolf and stag on bone charm. The cord is strung through with emerald, ruby, vintage wood, tree agate beads, etc
oak Athame for Yule from Moonscrafts
Yule themed athame. On one side is the wren, bird of the Holly King, on the other is the robin, bird of the oak King. inset with breccicated jasper and holly and oak leaf sculpt.

Elen of the Ways Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Elen of the ways Ritual Necklace, a new range from MoonsCrafts. This is one piece and the pendant simply loops through to create a choker style necklace.

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