Sunday, 13 January 2013

Morrigan's pendulum

This pendulum is created from Blackthorn which is one of Goddess Morrigan's sacred trees but perhaps the one that represents her the best. The tip is onyx, the triskele is pyrographed, this is the symbol that is the gateway to the other worlds   Then the beads in onyx, obsidian and carnelian are added to enhance the intent of the enquirer and  also magnify the energy of the piece. The pendulum is created in the colours of Morrigan, red and black and finally there is a raven charm at the end of the pendulum. Morrigan was said to gather at the edge of a battlefield and then would shape-shift into ravens which would go and retrieve the skulls and souls of the fallen warriors and transport them to the other world. Invoke her with respect.

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