Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pagan Camp season is on it's way.....

Well with my first event only five days away, which is the Dark Fae Festival and Craft Fayre in Wigan this coming Sunday, I am flat out trying to make lots of new pieces to sell. The last couple of days have been marathon days for me and this is what i managed to complete.

Wands, pendulums and necklaces from Moonscrafts

Today isn't as heavy going as I only have four pieces on the table ;) My artwork is definitely improving and I'm thinking about adding new items into the mix. There has been a change in the weather the last couple of days, it has started to warm up but about time, the hawthorn tree outside my kitchen window still isn't in leaf and is hiding, although the birds have been tweeting in it for food and playing happily among its lethal thorns. Beltane at Thornborough is next month which is a big event and I am doing the stall with Nyree from Summerlands Crafts. I anticipate that we will be busy as we already have preorders in for that event. Onwards to the warmth of summer. Don't forget, everything gets posted via the Facebook page first and I post on there daily )0(

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