Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Gateway Pendulum

The Gateway Pendulum in alder. The alder tree is the gateway tree, the doorway to other worlds. Travel to the other side of the veil to speak to the ancestors using this wood as a portal or psychopomp. There are protocol for doing this, always protect yourself, keep your reasons for asking the ancestors clear and concise along with your questioning. Don't expect to like what answers you are given but remember they are sent from the universe and via ancient wisdom and should be respected. Alder is the darkest tree, but lesser known for its funereal uses and darker mythologies. Alder links life and death together via a single breath. This pendulum is pyrographed with a doorway. it has a handmade copper spiral which delves deep into the wood and connects it to the cord. The beads are black glass lampwork, hematite and bone, and the pendulum is finished with a black silk cord and a large bronze doorway charm. REHOMED today )0(

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