Thursday, 11 April 2013

Celtic Fox Necklace crafted from Alder

This gorgeous necklace has a Celtic Fox pyrographed on it surrounded by spirals.The bead itself is 1.6 inches long. 

Alder is a gateway tree, magical and excellent in defensive magic. One of its associated animals is the fox, cunning, clever, a shapeshifter, the trickster, and most active during the in-between times of twilight and dawn. 

The wooden bead is accompanied on either side with ruby (for passion , protection and fearlessness), copper (for conduction of energy) and goldstone (gently uplifting, promotes vitality) beads interspersed with brass spiral spacers for projection and strung on a black waxed cotton cord. 

This is a wonderful necklace to tap into the energy of the fox, excellent to wear for shamanic purposes but also in ritual and for every day. Available on Etsy )0(


  1. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! I have just bought it today. I still cannot believe it. It's SO special for me. It GATHERS it all. I'm deeply MOVED <3<3<3

  2. Hi Adrienne :) Today is a mild, rainy Spring day, and I have just collected my Celtic Fox Necklace from the mailbox! Thank youuu for this very special token.
    Brightest blessings )O(