Thursday, 11 April 2013

Celtic Fox Necklace crafted from Alder

This gorgeous necklace has a Celtic Fox pyrographed on it surrounded by spirals.The bead itself is 1.6 inches long. 

Alder is a gateway tree, magical and excellent in defensive magic. One of its associated animals is the fox, cunning, clever, a shapeshifter, the trickster, and most active during the in-between times of twilight and dawn. 

The wooden bead is accompanied on either side with ruby (for passion , protection and fearlessness), copper (for conduction of energy) and goldstone (gently uplifting, promotes vitality) beads interspersed with brass spiral spacers for projection and strung on a black waxed cotton cord. 

This is a wonderful necklace to tap into the energy of the fox, excellent to wear for shamanic purposes but also in ritual and for every day. Available on Etsy )0(

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Craft Ritual Cord with Rowan Athame

The Craft Ritual Cord with Rowan Athame

This is a very special nine strand cord in shades of red, black and white with a hint of silver. Red, white and black are traditional witchcraft colours. White for birth and rebirth, black for death and red for the blood of life. 

This cord is strung through with a silver spiral of life, life, pentacles and a triskele. The rest of the cord is strung through completely with steel seed beads for impenetrability, snowflake obsidian which promotes inner centering, bringing peace and balance to the mind and body, black obsidian for protection and support, black tourmaline for the deflection of negativity, onyx for protection, rubies for protection, passion, wisdom and fearlessness, clear crystal for clarity, celtic spacer beads and bone.

At one end of the cord is a Rowan Cross handmade by me. The Rowan cross is a traditional symbol of protection going back hundreds of years as they are said to ward off evil spirits. 

At the other end of the cord is a rowan mini athame pyrographed simply with the pentacle, the witches most potent protection symbol. 

The Rowan tree has been considered magickal for thousands of years by many different cultures. The word "Rowan" is derived from the Old Norse name for the tree, raun or rogn, and might be related to the word "rune" which means "magic, secret." 

 This is a highly protective and magical cord and is for use as a working tool. Ritual cords can be used in ritual, as a meditation tool, for knot magic, or simply as a companion piece to travel with you. Now Rehomed :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Deer Goddess Pendulum

Deer Goddess Pendulum on Yew from MoonsCrafts

This pendulum is crafted from yew. On the pendulum is a representation of a celtic deer crowned withn a triple moon to represent goddess status. there are several goddesses associated with deer from the Cailleach (Biera), Elen, Diana, Saraswati, Artemis, the Deer Mother and the Irish goddess Flidais, to  name but a few. Deer represent instinctual energy, independence and regeneration. This pendulum is available in my Etsy Store

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pagan Camp season is on it's way.....

Well with my first event only five days away, which is the Dark Fae Festival and Craft Fayre in Wigan this coming Sunday, I am flat out trying to make lots of new pieces to sell. The last couple of days have been marathon days for me and this is what i managed to complete.

Wands, pendulums and necklaces from Moonscrafts

Today isn't as heavy going as I only have four pieces on the table ;) My artwork is definitely improving and I'm thinking about adding new items into the mix. There has been a change in the weather the last couple of days, it has started to warm up but about time, the hawthorn tree outside my kitchen window still isn't in leaf and is hiding, although the birds have been tweeting in it for food and playing happily among its lethal thorns. Beltane at Thornborough is next month which is a big event and I am doing the stall with Nyree from Summerlands Crafts. I anticipate that we will be busy as we already have preorders in for that event. Onwards to the warmth of summer. Don't forget, everything gets posted via the Facebook page first and I post on there daily )0(