Sunday, 1 March 2015

Jewellery and Ritual

In the craft ritual is integral to our practice. The point of ritual is to create focus and intent from which we can manifest magical changes. There is an argument for an against ritual tools. Ritual tools provide focus and collect energy, storing it, almost like a grimoire themselves. Part of ritual tools are jewellery, that which is worn on the body, in the same way as a cloak will pick up the energy from the ritual, so will your jewellery and more so because it is adding to your own personal energy field and often magnifying it. The ritual jewellery i make is designed to lend itself to specific practices. So for instance, many of my items are goddess specific, so when the witch/magician/sorcerer is working with their own deity, a specific piece dedicated to that deity will act as a focus or magnifier, and so here are my latest necklaces. All are magically correct in their associations for each specific goddess or god, by this I mean that the wood, colours and crystal have all been picked due to their direct association with a particular god or goddess. This is found via extensive research into mythologies.
Here are a few of my latest ritual necklaces.

Hel of Helheim Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Hel of Helheim on Ash with black moonstone, snow quartz, snowflake obsidian, black agate, porcelain.

Airmid of the Healing Herbs Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Airmid of the Healing Herbs Ritual Necklace on Lavender with clear quartz, peridot and amethyst.
Goddess Rhiannon Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Goddess Rhiannon Ritual Necklace on Hawthorn with rose quartz, white frost agate, crystal and morganite.
Rauni the Rowan Witch Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Rauni the Rowan Witch Ritual Necklace on Rowan with picture jasper, red jasper, vintage wood, peridot, bronzite, clear quartz.

Goddess Bast Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Goddess Bast Ritual Necklace on Sycamore with lapis lazuli, carnelian, malachite and black obsidian.

Sun Goddess Saule Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Sun Goddess Saule Ritual Necklace on Rowan with sunstone, bronzite, vintagge wood, carnelian, crystal, clear quartz.

Sappho Ritual Necklace from MoonsCrafts
Sappho Ritual Necklace on apple with amazonite, green jade, turquoise, chrysocolla, white jade and vintage glass.

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