Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sculpting the Goddess

So, I felt like a little bit of experimentation one evening. I had had this lump of clay sat in the cupboard for about two years, so about 3 weeks ago I decided to make a fox goddess, followed by a crow goddess. Then I made a hare goddess and a deer goddess. I didn't want to make the typical goddess with the spiral on her belly, as it is overdone but I wanted to make a comment on the goddess and her animal associations. In my work I often look at wood and crystal associations but have never concentrated soley on the very primal relationship between the goddess and her animals. As a result, the sculptures have come out very primal, almost shamanic. Within the clay I have blended appropriate herbs and the sculpts are between 4.5 and 6.5 inches tall at present, however, as i get more confident I am sure they will go bigger. Air drying clay is easy to use but very hard to smooth out at present so I think my sculpts look rough, however they will bet better hopefully. Here are some pics of the unpainted and painted ones I have created so far, and if you like what you see come and like my Moon Sculpts page. Enjoy )0(

the Fox, Crow and Hare Goddesses by Moons Crafts
First 3 Sculpts - the Fox, Crow and Hare Goddesses 

The Deer Goddess by Moons Crafts
The Deer Goddess 

Crow Goddess by MoonsCrafts
Began as the Crow Goddess but became a representation of Morrigan.

The Hare Goddess Sculpture from MoonsCrafts
The Hare Goddess from MoonsCrafts

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