Monday, 3 October 2016

Witch's Chests and Reclaiming the Witch

For the past few months I've been venturing into making new creations that are based on a traditional witchcraft and hoodoo voodoo background. The witch's chests were based on an idea I had a couple of years ago where I actually made a Maiden, Mother, crone one for my friend's daughters 16th as a way of welcoming her into the craft. These new ideas came from that. I love wooden and vintage boxes and my house is full of them. I created a new page on facebook called Reclaiming the Witch as on this page I wanted to make more traditional witchcraft items based on old spells, sigils and the old ways of magic. Visit Here are some of the chests that I have made. More are on the way )0(

Witch's Curio Box from Reclaiming the Witch )0(
Witch's Curio Box reappropriated from a natural wood box .

Witch's Curio Box from Reclaiming the Witch )0(
Inside the Witch's Curio Box  )0(

Inside the Curio cabinet from Reclaiming the Witch )0(
Inside the Witch's Curio Cabinet

Witch's Curio Cabinet from Reclaiming the Witch )0(
Witch's Curio Cabinet. Each draw is themed and has items inside that correspond to the drawer title.

Hoodoo Curio Chest from Reclaiming the Witch
Hoodoo Curio Chest in a little vintage box that looks like an old book.

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